Critical analysis of colour application Custom Essay

This assignment develops the student’s ability to research, critically analyse & discuss information relevant to colour theory & application. Students are to select an existing example of architecture, art or applied design of their choice (graphic, interior, product, textile, urban design, etc).

Choose at least three topics studied in this course that are relevant to your example and discuss why.

Use the table below for some ideas or discover your own topic

Identify any weaknesses or strengths in the colour design that help or hinder your example – Why?

NOTE: The aim of this assignment is to demonstrate your understanding of the information/ readings for this course. Choose your example wisely.

Submit as a fully referenced (APA format) essay.

Topic suggestions

Colour Notation
Colour Combination Techniques
Colour Harmony
Categories of Colour
Examining the Attributes of colour
Colour Forecasting
Theories Applications Techniques – Prehistory
Theories Applications Techniques – Middle Ages
Theories Applications Techniques – Renaissance
The Experience of Colour
Visual Perception & Colour
Perceptual Effects
Seven Types of Colour Contrast (Itten, 1961)
Colour Therapy & Colour Psychology
Colour Theories: 18th and 19th Centuries
Colour Theories: 20th to 21st Century
Colour Models & Common Constructs

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