Critical Analysis Essay of “Hills Like White Elephants”

Critical Analysis Essay of “Hills Like White Elephants”

Length: 5 pages minimum (plus the works cited page)
Topics: (Choose only one of these topics)
1. Discuss the setting in the story. What does it reveal about the couple and their situation?
2. Explain some of the symbols in the story and what their meanings contribute to the overall richness of the story’s meaning?
3. Discuss Hemingway’s use of minimalism in this story? Consider the iceberg theory.
4. Discuss the gender roles in this story (keep the time period in mind).
Sources: (1 primary and 2 secondary– for a total of 3 sources)
In addition to citing quotes from the story, you will need to have 2 secondary sources from critical articles or reference sources. You may choose articles from the library database, books, ebooks, reference sources (like Gale Reference, Short Story Criticism, Contemporary Literary Criticism).
Complete the attached checklist to be sure you have fulfilled the assignment. This checklist is aligned with the grading rubric.

General Essay Outline to Follow
Introduction: Preface your argument/point about the story. Name the story and the author somewhere in the introduction. End the paragraph with a strong thesis statement.

Body Paragraphs: (have about 3-5 body paragraphs in addition to your introduction and conclusion):
Each body paragraph should have: Transition sentence, topic sentence that introduces a
sub-topic of your thesis, evidence to support the sub-topic, quotes and paraphrases from
sources to support the sub-topic.

Conclusion: Restate the thesis and briefly mention the main sub-points. Do not introduce new material
in this paragraph. Do not end with a quote, a question, or an announcement.

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