crisis that has impacted a tourist destination in the region of Asia-Pacific

The aim of the assessment task is to conduct a critical analysis of a crisis that has impacted a tourist destination in the region of Asia-Pacific. The aim is to select and examine a suitable crisis which has occurred in the region in the past 10 years and examine its impact on the tourism and hospitality industry at the selected destination.
In your report you must:
a) define the term ‘crisis’ and briefly outline the significance of understanding crises in the context of the tourism and hospitality industry;
b) briefly outline the type of the crisis (e.g. natural or human-induced) and how it unfolded in the destination;
c) show which areas of the destination (e.g. accommodation sector, transport, retail, etc.) have been impacted by the crisis and assess the severity of this impact*;
d) evaluate the effect of the crisis on the image and competitive advantage of the destination (e.g. consider how the crises affected different groups of tourists to the destination and how this affected the destination’s image and CA in relation to its main competitors)*;
e) critically assess how the crisis was handled and identify key mistakes made in the managing the crisis.
*Assignment sections addressing points d and e should cite relevant statistical data showing, the effect of the crisis on the economy of the destination (e.g. the number of visitors, their spending and other relevant information showing the extent of the impact).
This assignment is based predominantly on topics one to four, although the subsequent topics and textbook chapters can be relevant to understanding the key concepts addressed in this assessment. You must choose a destination that will provide sufficient information for you to conduct an in-depth analysis.


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