Criminallustice and the Profit Made From It From Businesses”

Criminallustice and the Profit Made From It From Businesses”

This paper should focus on exactly what the title is. It should highlight how lucrative the
criminal justice system is. This paper should explain exactly how businesses use the
criminal justice to make a profit. It should detail:
1. What is the criminal justice system and the history (2 pages)
2. How much profit is in this industry (1-2 pages)
3. The different types of professions in this field, such as: lawyers, prisons, forensic
sciences, private security firms / security guards, rehabilitation, investigators, etc.
(8 pages)
4. Summary of the topic (1-2 pages)
Each of the following topics should have their own page:
Law Firms
Prison Systems
Private Investigators
Forensic Labs
Security Firms and Guard Services
Law Enforcement Supplies and Training (including weapons and ammunition
Rehab Clinics
Please use the below references and others of your choosing. But definitely include
the below references.
The Criminal Justice System
https: //
What Lessons Can Business Teach Criminal Justice? Invest in Research 53 0295.html
Highest Paying Criminal Justice Jobs obs.html
4 Ideas That Could Begin to Reform the Criminal Justice System and Improve Police-
Community Relations 14/12/18/103 578/4-

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