Criminal Law Custom Essay

Investigative 1 questions. 3-5 sentences per question

1. What are the purposes of criminal punishment?

2. What is burden of proof in a criminal case ?who must meet this burden of proof?

3. Who has the burden of proof to prove an affirmative defense? what is the standard for proving affirmative defense?

4. What are indeterminate sentencing laws?

Investigative 2 questions . 4-6 sentences per question

1. How did the Aprendi role extend the right to trial by jury?

2. Why is this rule important?

Discussion questions. Must be in paragraph form at least 10 sentences long

1. Why do you think that US incarcerates so many more people than other countries?

2. According to the “principle of utility”, is it appropriate to incarcerate such a large number of people?

3. Is it appropriate to incarcerate minorities disproportionately to their representation in US society?

The directions are above each set of questions. The first set needs to be 3-5 sentences long. The second set needs to be 4-6 sentences long and the last set of questions needs to be in paragraph form.

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