Creativity and Critical Thinking Custom essay

-Use research to demonstrate a critical understanding of the processes involved in planning, teaching and learning to support challenging and creative learning experiences
2-Demonstrate the ability to use a range of assessment strategies and appropriate documentation in order to provide learning opportunities across curriculum area (Early Years Foundation Stage EYFS)
3-Provide opportunities for open ended and problem solving activates which challenge children and develop their higher order creative and critical thinking skills
4-demonstrate critical understanding of the individual and carried creative languages of children and of the need to respond flexibly and with imagination in order to extend children’s thinking and learning
5- demonstrate a competent and thorough knowledge and understanding of how children’s holistic learning can be affected by physical, intellectual, linguistic, social, cultural and emotion development


First- is based on 5 observations which were carried out at School during free activity. Now I have to analyse the children’s creative thinking, how did the activity go?. Link to books, articles, theories and creative aspects. link those observation to reflection tool such as Gibbs reflective cicle, reflect the observation how would you do them next time. What I learnt from it? bring theories, cover learning outcomes. what went well? how can I improve them? Besides write general about creative/critical thinking based on reading (books, articles) lots of references. One reflective log need to be uses, eg Gibbs, Cobs or reflective in and on action. How teachers/assistant can support children’s creativity? How children’s learning can be supported? What is important about creative/critical thinking?

Second essay- is based about journal article called (Pedagogy and possibility thinking in the early years (Teresa Cremin 2006) write about this article, introduce very breathily. Pick up 3/4 main/key things to talk about it during the essay. Something most importance according to creative learning. Make sure is what every you pick you link to books, theories or articles. Eg. they agreed that during free creative activity teachers should say back, give children the space and time. link to…
how creativity be promoted across curriculum? What is important during creative activity? how teachers can support creative/critical learning? eg mention famous people such Vygotsky ”what child can do today with assistant, will be able to do by herself tomorrow”

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