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1. Use the following business rules to create a Crow’s Foot ERD.
• ABC Construction does custom construction projects.
• Each project has a foreman and a customer.
• Multiple projects can be done for the same customer over time.
• Each foreman can run multiple projects over time.
• When a project is started, the total time and cost is estimated.
• Each project has multiple activities that are required to complete project work.
• Each activity has an estimated start date, estimated end date, estimated cost, actual start date, actual end date, percent complete and actual cost.
• Each week a progress report is created for a project.
• Each progress report communicates the objectives completed, work planned for the next week, and lessons learned.
• When a project is completed, the actual cost is recorded. It is calculated by adding the actual costs from all of the activities.
• Each project is performed at a location owned by the customer.
• Each customer can own multiple locations.

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