Coverage of the Democratic Debate

Coverage of the Democratic Debate

Please do a coverage of the Democratic Debate that occurred on Tuesday night, Oct. 13. Story must be objective, inverted pyramid in style, a minimum of 400 words, and use AP Style rules. the story must serve two audiences – a. people who didn’t watch the debate but want to know what they missed, and b. people who did watch it and want a summary in case they missed anything or to recall a particularly great quote or exchange, or to see if their sense of what was important or interesting matches the reporter’s sense. In the lead (first sentence/sentences) you should sum up the debate’s main points or zero in on a dramatic moment between candidates. within the body, include when and where the debate was held, observation of how candidates got along; did they discuss issues in a civil manner? were there times it became antagonistic, and if so, what issues raised their emotions? were they animated or reserved? Did they use hand gestures, raise their voices? Quote only the best things candidates said word for word, paraphrase everything else. Cover the debate thematically and not chronologically. Only write about the part that were most interesting/important.

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