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You are to select a large, completed (or almost completed) construction; in excess of £10 million or equivalent. The purpose of the study is to learn how the project developed, what procurement system was used and how (in retrospect) better procurement practice might have improved the delivery of the project. Your task is therefore to carry out a desk-top study of the project. The report is to include and will be marked on how you have achieved the following:-

a)Critically discuss the influence of the needs of the client’s organisation, on the procurement process (20%)
b)identify key stakeholders and priorities (20%)
c)Analysis of funding sources and implications (20%)
d)Identify appropriate dispute resolution procedures that could be used (10%)
e)Report on appropriateness of procurement system used and make recommendations for potential alternative procurement routes using an appropriate decision making model (20%)
f)Presentation – syntax/layout/referencing (10%).

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