Costco Wholesale Company

You will write three sections of the Final Paper, each consisting of 10 pages not including the abstract and reference pages, The paper should include:
• Section 1: For the first section of your final paper, you will summarize the mission and vision statements and other public information about the organization and its business direction, including their key business objectives and strategies. You will then explain how this information would drive and inform an HR operating plan.
• Section 2: For the second section of your paper, include a 4-cell HR SWOT analysis and a 3-column HR gap analysis between the organizational strategy and HR strategy currently in place for your chosen organization.
• Section 3: For the third section of your paper, include the following:
o Identify 3–5 strategies the HR department might want to implement based on the HR SWOT analysis and HR gap analysis and its need to support the organization’s strategic business direction. Include a minimum of 6–8 action steps for each strategy that will ensure its attainment.
o Implementation stage: Include a mini-communication, outlining what key information must go to which key layers of groups and key individuals who should receive information and at what times during the implementation of the plan (explain how you will communicate this to the organization). Also, explain what internal or external obstacles or organizational pushback HR might expect and what tentative steps they should plan to address in anticipation (i.e., how should they plan for these things, which are highly likely to occur). That’s what a plan is all about—anticipating and planning for what is needed.
Your Final Paper should adhere to APA format (6th edition), which requires a title page, an abstract, a reference list, and appropriate sections and their headings. Your paper should include your Week 3 annotated bibliography: A thorough review of the literature (minimum of 15 resources, with 85% being five or fewer years old and peer reviewed) that shows evidence of a potential research opportunity/gap that has not been discussed in the academic literature.
Provide a flowchart demonstrating the steps in creating, operationalizing, and implementing the HR operating plan.
Compile your Final Paper and flowchart into one document and submit by Day 7 of Week 7.

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