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Corporate Social Responsibility Essay

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CSR Essay:
*There are 2 questions, only one will be chosen. I believe the 2nd one is easer to deepen. However, it is up to you.

*I have uploaded a document “CSR essay”. I have included the relevant topics and information there.
-The essay will give students the opportunity to deepen their writing and research skills to explore the area of CSR.

-It is expected that you show that you read and are engaged with the relevant literature discussed in academic books and academic journals.

-In addition, you are expected to draw on practical examples to argue their case. If your essay shows signs of plagiarism, a disciplinary procedure will be started.

-The essay should be no longer than 3,500 words

-including in-text references, footnotes and references, excluding bibliography and appendices

-Questions regarding the essay will only be answered in the discussion forum. (so you can ask me questions and I can ask it to the teacher in the forum)

? The essay should follow normal academic practice for Harvard-style referencing (in-text references and bibliographies).
? Slides from this course or other courses as well as unsubstantiated internet sources are not considered valid sources for the essays.
? If you are looking for practitioner-oriented material, it can be useful to include information from company websites, newspaper articles and practitioner reports but you need to ensure that you reference following the Harvard-style and provide the URL as well as an access date.

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