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Corporate Social Irresponsibility

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• Case Study Report: will be written about an organization that has struggle with Corporate Social Irresponsibility. Describe the situation and analyse the behavior of the company over time
bringing into the discussion the various theories of CSR and ethics.
the following are some references:
•!An05dVOqhX4NhFrPnXNw6ajAlnhf Benn 1,2, Crane 9-12, oxford
• Kanter-HBR-Nov 2009-What Would Peter Say.pdf
• Dossi-The Missing Link Corporate Performance Measurement.pdf
• Rubin-2010-Do Ethical Leaders Get Ahead.pdf
• Ghoshal-Bad Management Theories Are Destroying Good Management Practice.pdf
• Alpaslan-2009-Corporate Governance in the context of crises.pdf

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