Conveyor Belt MS Project Exercise.

Conveyor Belt MS Project

Conveyor Project- Part 1

Project Description

The new computer-controlled conveyor belt is an exciting project that moves and positions items on the conveyor belt within < J millimeter. The project will produce a new system for future installations, and for replacement of those in the field, at a low cost. The computer-controlled conveyor belt has the potential to be a critical unit in 30 percent of the systems installed in factories. The new system is also easier to update with future technologies. The Project Priority Matrix for the Conveyor Belt Project (CBP) is:

  Time Scope Cost
Constrain X    
Enhance   X  
Accept     X

Table A2.9 has been developed for you to use in completing the project exercise


Action: Develop the WBS outline using Microsoft project.


Does this information (in the WBS) allow you to define any milestones of the project? Why or why not?  What are they?

TABLE A2.9 -Conveyor Belt Project; WBS


Hardware specifications

Hardware design

Hardware documentation


Order circuit boards


Operating systems

Kernel specifications


Disk drivers

Serial I/O drivers

Memory management

Operating system documentation

Network interface



Utilities specifications

Routine utilities

Complex utilities

Utilities documentation



System Integration

Architectural decisions

Integration first phase

System hard/software test

Project documentation

Integration acceptance testing


Conveyor Project

Part 1

Develop WBS outline using the software Project

  1. Does the information (WBS) allow you to define any milestones of the project? Why or why not? What are they?

WBS enables me to set project milestones based on the hardware, operating system, utilities, and system integration components of the project. The hardware is the first milestone, followed by the operating system, utilities, and lastly, system integration.

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