Connecting through Investigation

Connecting through Investigation

While in essay 1 you connected prior experience to a larger issue, in essay 2 you will synthesize evidence to formulate conclusions and analyze issues or problems surrounding a topic. In other words, you will conduct an investigation. You may use definitions, evaluation, and recommendations that are supported by reliable sources, thereby increasing your credibility with an audience who needs your information. Ultimately, your newfound authority should call readers to action and recommend improvements and/or identify benefits related to the topic.

Invention Techniques:
Before writing the essay, begin identifying your issue through a series of invention techniques, including but not limited to the following: brainstorming, listing, clustering, questioning, and so forth. You must submit invention techniquesas part of the final essay grade.

Planning & Organization Process:
After the invention process, it is important to begin planning the organizational pattern for the essay. Planning includes identifying your thesis, establishing main ideas (or topic sentences) for each paragraph, supporting each paragraph with appropriate evidence, and creating ideas for the introductory and concluding paragraphs.You must submit evidence of a planning process as part of the final essay grade.

Drafting & Revision Process:
Once you have completed the planning process, write a rough draft of your essay. Next, take steps necessary to improve, polish, and revise your draft before turning it in for a final grade. The revision processincludes developing ideas, ensuring the thesis statement connects to the main ideas of each paragraph, taking account of your evidence and supporting details, checking for proper use of MLA citation style, and proofreading for formatting and/or grammatical errors.

•    MLA Format
•    3-5 pages (double spaced), not including the Works Cited page
•    In-text citations in the body of your essay
•    Works Cited page with yourcredible sources
•    Invention techniques, planning and organizational process, rough draft, revision material, and final draft, submitted with the final draft as the first pages.

ENGL1113: Composition I
Essay 2: Connecting through Investigation
Value: 150 points

Suggested Writing Prompts& Rhetorical Situations:

?    Write an essay that investigates a debatable issue (e.g. childbirth practices) or an abstract concept (e.g. love or war). Define all necessary terms, evaluate the history, and offer solutions to problems surrounding the issue or abstract term. Act as an informed guide for readers.

?    Write an essay that investigates a profession or college major that interests you. You should define what people working in or studying that discipline do, explain its origins and educational requirements, and analyze problems that the profession or major is struggling to solve. For example, if you were to investigate what it takes to become a commercial airline pilot, you would discover that people in the industry are concerned about a pilot shortage due to the growing number of pilots who are ready to retire. Your investigation should help readers understand more clearly the state of your chosen discipline, as well as the risks and benefits of entering into it themselves.

Connecting through Investigation

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