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You work for My Favorite Margin, a small local bookshop that has been operating for 25 years. So far, the shop has always been popular, but the owner, Page Turner, sees the writing on the wall. Sales have begun dropping a bit, and with increasing competition from newer shops and the internet, she knows it’s time to make some changes or risk going out of business. She wants you, her savvy assistant, to analyze the issues and give her a few options for ensuring the bookshop’s future success.

To prepare for drafting the memo, follow this process:

Read the Information to Consider in Project Resources. It provides different types of information related to the bookshop’s customers, employees and competitors. Take notes on the issues you think are most important to consider.
Analyze the bookstore’s current situation and the information you were given. What are the bookstore’s strengths and weaknesses? Who are the customers? Who are you competing with?
Brainstorm all the possible solutions you can think of. Be specific in your solutions. And remember, you don’t have the money of the big chain bookstores, so you’ll need to prioritize.
Flesh out the details of the top three solution—the ones you think you’ll present in your memo. Note the advantages of these solutions, and also note any significant drawbacks.
Through your analysis of the top three contenders, decide which one is best.
Then, write your memo to Ms. Turner. The memo should:

Briefly explain the bookstore’s current situation and analyze the information given
Describe at least three feasible solutions
Give your recommendation and justify it based on what you learned from the Information to Consider resource
Be written in standard format (see Business Memo Purpose and Format resource)
Use appropriate language for its purpose (see Audience and Purpose resource)
Be free of spelling and grammar mistakes



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