Computer Security Policy Statement, Processes, and Procedures


Step 1
Outline the user and business requirements for your wireless SOHO network.

Step 2
Top Develop a wireless security policy statement for that network.

Step 3
Top Develop wireless security processes and procedure guidelines for that network.

Develop a policy statement and the processes and procedures that can be used to drive the design, implementation, and maintenance of a wireless network in a SOHO (small office, home office) setting. Assume your materials will be used in a high-level briefing to the business managers. Therefore, keep your recommendations at an executive and practical level.

With the policy statement in place, you will then outline the key processes and procedures for the same network.

Generally, we start with the network and user requirements, and from there, develop the supportive security policies, processes, and procedures. In this case, you will outline your own basic requirements that call for a SOHO wireless network. Those requirements can be broad and reasonable for the business setting you select. Some guidance about creating a broad requirements statement shall be provided later in this document.

The reason for this lab is to give you some practical experience in developing and exploring the creation of best practices guidelines, which will be used by managers and business owners.

Document Authoring Guidelines
Each section will vary in size based on the requirements. Drive yourself to create a useful document for the setting you have selected.

Document Framework

– The SOHO Wireless Network: Describe the setting for the SOHO wireless network. An example could be a five-person law office, size and layout, and other details. Discuss relevant physical conditions. It should be generally about 3–5 sentences or bullet points.

– Key Network Requirements: Describe the key user, application, and systems requirements. For example, what must the network provide, and how will it be used? Identify special industry or regulatory requirements. Discuss bandwidth requirements, fault tolerance, recovery goals, privacy needs, openness needs, and so forth. It should be generally about 5–10 sentences, or bullet points.

– Wireless Network Security Policy Statement: Outline a wireless network security policy statement. This should address the key policies that must be respected. It should be 2–3 paragraphs, 5–10 sentences, or 5–10 bullet points. Each statement is mapped to (highly related to) the requirements.

– Wireless Network Security Processes and Procedures Statement: Outline a wireless network security processes and procedures statement. This should address the key operational tasks that must be respected. It should be 5–10 must do statements and mapped to the requirements or the security policy.

Citations and Resources Used in This Report: Tell us where you received external guidance and ideas. If you have presented original ideas, then give yourself credit and tell us why you believe it will work.

Use of applicable and creative layouts is required.

Suggested Resources
– related textbooks
– Library
– Professional journals and security website
– News media releases

Security vendor and guidance websites (See the examples below, but be aware that URLs do change without notice.) Practices for Securing a Wireless Network in a SOHO Practices for Securing a Wireless Network in a SOHO
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