Computer science Custom Essay

Question 1: Review Questions: Number 8 page 37

In addition to the business and computing knowledge that system analysts should possess, what are the other essential skills that they need to effectively complete their jobs?

Question 2: Review Questions: Number 2 page 61

How do transaction processing systems (TPSs), management information systems (MISs), and decision support systems (DSSs) interact with each other?

Question 3: Problems and Exercises: Number 5 page 38

As information systems increase in complexity and comprehensiveness, ethical issues regarding accessing and using data from these systems are also increasing. What are some of these ethical issues?

Question 4: Problems and Exercises: Number 12 page 38

Industry studies indicate that mobile and wireless technology has become one of the major technology drivers for designing new information systems. Why is this the case and what is the impact?

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