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Research Proposal Memo: Identify purpose, audience, and thesis in a variety of texts
a) Opening paragraph
Clearly state the purpose of this memo — to earn your instructor’s approval and receive his or her feedback on your proposal.

b) Body Paragraph 1
State your general research topic and explain why it is interesting, important, and relevant to your field of study or academic interest.

c) Body Paragraph 2
State the particular question that you plan to answer. Identify the type of research paper you plan to write – informational report, analytical, persuasive, or process — and explain why this type of paper is best suited to answering your question. Name two or three relevant and credible resources that you’ve found to demonstrate that you are headed in the right direction.

d) Body Paragraph 3
Outline your work plan for the completion of this project — i.e. explain how you will break up this large project into smaller stages, estimate the time that you will spend on each stage, and identify any potential scheduling conflicts or key dates.

e) Closing paragraph
Clearly state your request for approval and raise any particular issues you would like your instructor to address. Make sure you close with a direct request to proceed.

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