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#1 (jac dy)

The most important use of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is to separate the main structure of the document from design. Before CSS, designers and developers were using HTML, such as the <font> tags, to style elements. Things could get very cluttered, very fast. Even using the inline CSS styles is not recommended. CSS not only made for cleaner, more organized code, but also added more possibilities and flexibility. For example, rather than using HTML <table> tags, you can now position elements with CSS, essentially cutting down on the code, which would be difficult to read on a complex website.

Another great thing about CSS is using a global stylesheet file. By linking to an external stylesheet, updating the look of a website is as simple as modifying one single document, rather than editing each and every individual page of the website.

#2 (eri baum)

Cascading Style Sheets are one of the most useful ways for a web page designer to help their site stand out. By using a CSS you can modify backgrounds, fonts, margins, and layouts without doing extensive coding. A CSS also separates your web site’s content from the design language, so you dramatically reduce its overall file transfer size which will then allow your site to load much faster. With so many different browsers being used currently, they can help with compatibility allowing your site to be viewed in the manner that you intended. This also works with different types of media as well. You can set up a different CSS for each medium (mobile, print, projection, speech synth., braille, etc.) so that the site can work with any device thrown at it. The biggest benefit however for using a CSS is consistency. As your web site grows in scope and scale, using a CSS will make it much easier to keep the overall feel of the site without making constant changes to the code. This is especially useful when a company is adding to their site frequently because they can make changes or additions without having to completely design every new page from scratch. This can also be helpful when you want to modify the site as well. By changing just a few small things, you can drastically change the overall feel for the site with very little effort. CSS really is the perfect compliment to HTML, and using it truly gives you the freedom to let your imagination fly and your design grow.

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