Compensation Calculations Custom Essay.

1. Calculate the minimum and maximum for a a pay grade with a midpoint of $35,000 per year and a range spread of 30%.

2. Assume a 40% range spread, what is the midpoint for a pay grade with a minimum of $22,750 annually?

3. Assume a midpoint of $36,500 per year and a 40% range spread. The individual is currently be paid at an 84% compa-ratio. The individual receives a 5.5% pay increase. Calculate the new compa-ratio for this individual after receiving the 5.5% pay increase.

4. Assume Pay Grade A has a midpoint of $49,000 with a 30% pay spread. Pay Grade B had a minimum pay of $54,000 with a 25% pay spread. Calculate the pay overlap between these two pay grades.

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