Comparison/Contrast Paper – Raisin in the Sun

Comparison/Contrast Paper – Raisin in the Sun

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Comparison/Contrast Paper – Raisin in the Sun

Comparison/Contrast Paper – Raisin in the Sun.

1.    Review the background information found in Week 5 | Lecture – Raisin in the Sun prior to reading the screenplay
2.    Read
•    Hansberry’s Raisin in the Sun (read entire unfilmed, original screenplay) Note: Allow approx. 2-3 hours to read screenplay.
1.    Review Week 6 | Lecture – Raisin in the Sun: The Movie prior to starting this assignment.
2.    “Experience” the production of Raisin in the Sun through first reading the play and then viewing the full-length movie, which you will need to obtain through your local library or video rentals (plan in advance).
3.    Then, write a cohesive paper (not a short essay assignment) comparing the written play to the movie, but focusing on the theme of the screenplay and movie: What happens to dreams?
4.    Refer to the background information you learned during your preparation and completion of the Raisin in the Sun Short Essays assignments, content information presented during Weeks 5 and 6, and other sources of information (with citations), as well as the Assessment Rubric for Long Essays.

Use the following guiding points to help you organize and prepare your long essay paper, which should include your
•    Introduction, coverage of content in its
•    Body within your paragraphs (respond to items below in the order they are presented; don’t simply list answers to them), and
•    Conclusion.
For instance, each topic you cover might be comprised of one or more paragraphs in length with transitions to the following paragraphs and subsequent topics. Use spell check and academic writing in preparing your thoughts, and then submit your comparison paper for grading. Refer to the OWL at Purdue, and your textbook for writing examples.
Guiding points
1.    Include an original title that captures the spirit of your paper. Summarize and compare the plots of the play and movie in one or two paragraphs.
2.    Identify both the “larger” dreams of the family members with their individual dreams. How are they presented in both the screenplay and movie with similarities, differences, other?
3.    Compare the “dream theme” of the screenplay to the movie in relation to:
o    Title, author, director
o    Venue(s)–locations, staging, etc.
o    ¬¬¬Actors and acting
o    Themes, characters, symbolism
o    Props
o    ¬¬Costumes
o    Language
o    Role and effectiveness of written versus visual representations
o    Other
4.    Compare your personal response to both the written play and movie:
o    Favorite scene
o    Emotional or other response
o    Other
5.    Critique both the written play and movie (criticisms, suggestions, or accolades with examples)
6.    Describe which version you preferred – and why
7.    Conclude your paper
8.    Cite your sources, in-text and References at the end (APA format!)

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