Comparison between the 2 stories "YOUNG GOODMAN BROWN" and "THE WIFE'S STORY".

Write,compare or contrast essay using “the wife’s story” and “young goodman brown.” In this essay, compare OR contrast the TWO authors’ use of science fiction. in your essay, you should consider the following questions:
– what elements of science fiction are used in the story ( type of characters(s), the supernatural, a setting that does not seem believable)?
-What elements of science fiction are not used in the stories?
-Does leaving these elements of the genre out effect the story?
-does the historical time frame contribute to or damage the story as an example of science fiction?
– Make sure that the essay is written in FORMAL for EX: do not use apprevation.
– Make sure each paragraph is between 7-10 lines.
– use connective words
– Make sure that the measurements for the MLA formatted essay is right
-The two stories will be upload to use them
-Make sure to use the 3rd persons voice
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