Comparative analysis of maternal health service delivery in Pakistan and Australia

Comparative analysis of maternal health service delivery in Pakistan and Australia

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The paper Should include the below:
Strong introduction -350 words ( 5 updated references) – include updated statistic to describe the situation – also I have attached my last essay to have a look in the introduction and follow the same instruction when writing the introduction.
1. To start with, describe the analytical framework ” The WHO Health System Framework, 2007″ that you will use to undertaken your analysis This should only take 1-2 paragraphs.
2. You will need to provide a clear description of that aspect of the health system that you are comparing which is “maternal health service delivery “, for the two countries. Include the differences and similarities.
3. Provide a reason for any inter-country similarities and differences using contextual information (e.g. cultural, demographic, historical, political, organisational, and/or financial systems arrangements etc.). Research findings sourced from original peer reviewed journal articles that might be available to provide an explanation for one or more differences observed. Note that research evidence may not be directly related to your country case-studies but could be relevant to that aspect of the health system that you are exploring (e.g. evidence suggesting barriers or enablers to the implementation of a particular type of service or service arrangement, program or policy in a different country).
4. What recommendations do you have for both countries (e.g. consider or adopt aspects of the other country’s system, to keep the status-quo, or to explore other evidence based options)? Give justification for your choice.( Vary Strong recommendations is required here)
Include up to 2 figures and/or tables of data. These will not be included in the word count.
25 updated citied reference, APA 6th style

Below link you can start with, I also attached pdf about Pakistan Health System
Australian Health System:
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