community health assessement

community health assessement

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The community is choose Belair in Harford county, Maryland. Please I want the writer to use this Belair community to write this paper. 20 pages, not including a Title Page, References, and Appendices I will also send the instruction through attachment

I choose Belair community at Harford County in Maryland
2) Complete a Community Profile Inventory
3) Community Needs Assessment via a Windshield Survey
4) Analyze your Data and Culminate it into Pictorial Representations • Written Narratives should solely focus on the interpretation of your data • All data should be represented in a pictorial form and inserted into your written portion as a table, figure, or other format in an appendix.
5) Identify Community Health Needs/Problems based on your Assessment Data • Use Prioritization Criteria • Give a Rationale for your Prioritizations
6) Write your Top Three Identified Problems as a Community Health Diagnosis
7) Make Recommendations for the community in the form of Goals and Objectives based on Healthy People 2010 (2020) Initiatives that align with your Top Diagnosis.

Key Components are below…but should not be limited to the following. You have to use your ‘new-found’ Community and Public Health Nursing Process Skills to decide what is pertinent to your community assessment…
1) Overview and Identify the Community as a PLACE • Describe the community • Boundaries and Topography • Environmental Controls o Waste Disposal o Water Supply o Air Pollution • Type of Housing and Overall Condition
2) Identify the PEOPLE of the Community • Population Profiles o Age o Sex o Race/Ethnicity o Birth and Death Rates o Leading Cause of Morbidity and Mortality • Population Stability • Socioeconomic Status o Occupations o Employment Level o Educational Status
3) Identify the Community as a SOCIAL SYSTEM Discuss each of the following in relation to the population served, as well as availability and accessibility of service: • Adequacy of Facilities o Educational o Recreational o Daycare • Adequacy of Provisions o Transportation o Safety • Adequacy of Services and Providers o Healthcare Services o Healthcare Facilities o Healthcare Providers
4) Annual Report and/or Strategic Plan – Analyzed in terms of #1-#3

Community Assessment – Written Portion Guidelines
20 pages, not including a Title Page, References, and Appendices – There is no minimum page requirement
2) It must be in STRICT APA 6th edition Format. The Writing Center will have a feedback support available very shortly – I will keep you informed. Utilize your Resource Tab on the lefthand side as well.
3) All references must be appropriate scholarly sources and professional journals. Utilize the library’s nursing website for assistance as needed. It was recently created just for you!
4) It is imperative that you know how to correctly reference all sources utilized including databases for census results, written materials (pamphlets, flyers, and reports), interviews, textbook chapters, individual web pages, among many other possible resources. Remember all sources cited must be referenced, and all referenced sources must be cited (with the exception of the personal interview).
5) You must have an introduction to your Community Assessment…
6) Your narrative portion must reflect higher-level thinking and analysis that demonstrates you are able to make appropriate conclusions from your data, not to mention plan care that is priority-based and integrated with Healthy-People Initiatives.
7) You may choose to organize the headings of your paper in whatever manner makes sense to your style. Headings must be in APA 6th edition Style.
8) You must conclude your paper with a true conclusion…not the recommendations. Recommendations would be new information, and APA writing style tells us that new information is not to be introduced in the conclusion.
9) Appendices, Tables, and Figures must be in appropriate APA format and appropriately referenced.
10) You may have as many Appendices as needed.

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