Community Engagement

Community Engagement

You will be identifying a problem or challenge in your field and attempt to gather evidence about the problem or challenge/issue and its effect on people, society, environment. You will then propose some changes that need to taken place and speculate about the effect of these changes on people, environment and society in the short and long term. Key components include 1) What is the problem and what evidence is there for the problem? What is the effect of this problem (who is affected, what is affected, where is affected) and what is the scale of this effect? 2) What needs to be changed, what solutions could there be ? (existing or new) 3) What proof is there for the effectiveness of these solutions? (previous evidence based-studies, success stories, other forms of justification if previous studies don’t exist). 4) What are the effects of these solutions on people, environment, society in the short and long term. 5) What are the success metrics, how can you measure success of interventions and solutions you propose? How can you prove the success of these solutions over time?

Community Engagement


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