Community Analysis


Choose one of the case studies from topics 9-12 (rural youth suicide, family transition to rural living, environmental impacts on communities, work in and for communities, and the virtual community) and use the theory you explored in Part B of the second essay to critically analyse and explore the case. You may choose different theory, concepts or ideas, but please make sure that you consult your subject coordinator if you do so. Your subject coordinator will ask you to provide evidence that you have understood the new ideas well enough to apply them to your case.
Your task is to write a well researched essay applying the theory, concepts and ideas you wrote about in Part B of your second assessment to the case study in 2000 words. There is a 10% margin below and above the 2000 word limit. Any more than 2200 words (10% above) or below 1800 (10% below) the word limit will incur a penalty of between 5 and 15 marks depending on the severity of the word limit breach.
In your essay you will need to make a case for how the theory, concepts or ideas can help to explain or solve the problems presented in the case study. You may also choose to argue that the theory, concepts or ideas do not help you to understand the case. Your essay will need to be carefully structured and researched. It is strongly advised that you use the feedback from your first assessment and part B of your second assessment to inform your writing and research for this essay.
One of the main tasks of the community analyst is to apply theory to real world examples. When a sociologist undertakes such a task we look to the existing research about a subject and try to establish what the social and cultural problems are in the context we are trying to understand. When we apply theory, we quite often find that we need to apply or use a combination of theories. Sometimes the theory that we apply can help us not only understand what is going on, but also give us a solution to the problems people in the context (or event) are facing.
Your essay is therefore asking you to think about a particular theory (or theories) and investigate what that theory can and can’t say about a particular case. Effectively, we are asking you to analyse a case study, and think about a theory or theories critically.

Another reason you are asked to write this essay is because sociologists need to have good communication skills, particularly writing skills. We rarely get the opportunity to present our findings to a group of people face to face, instead having to write our ideas, assessments, analysis and conclusions in either reports or journal articles. Sometimes we have to write to the people we are studying in order that they are informed of what we have discovered as well. Therefore, writing skills are very important to the sociologist. We need to be able to argue that what we have discovered is reasonable, reliable and worth hearing; we also need to be able to argue that the solution we have found for a group of people is a better option than what they have now, or might be told by someone else. Therefore, being able to write down our critical thinking and argument in a way that other people can understand becomes very important.


Each week (Weeks 9 to 12) considers different ‘case studies’ via the required reading for the subject. For example, whilst the general topic of Week 9 is rural communities, the Bourke article specifically looks at youth suicide. The idea is to use one of these readings or ‘cases’ as a starting point for your essay topic. So, in Week 9, the Bourke article provides a ‘starting point’ for considering youth suicide in rural communities. If this happens to be the topic you select for your final essay, you are then required to do further research around this area. You may want to alter the topic slightly to suit your particular interests (narrow or broaden the focus) … for example, rather than youth suicide, you may want to consider suicide in rural communities in another age group – this is up to you – as long as you make it clear in your introduction what your topic is (you don’t want your marker to be half-way through the paper still trying to determine what your focus is).


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