Commitment to changing my leading, a briefing note to myself

Commitment to changing my leading, a briefing note to myself

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Individual: Commitment to changing my leading, a briefing note to myself (500 – 750 words)

While this assignment is short (500 to 750 words) it must clearly capture an issue or challenge related to your leading that you have identified. Something that you want to change or improve in the future. The work that you have done in your Reflective Personal Diary should inform this assignment as well as any feedback that you have received from colleagues at work or from your Small Learning Group.

This briefing note to is to yourself and its purpose is to act as a reminder of something that
you have realised you want to/need to change or improve about your leading. Whether the
issue is large or small it must be something that you are committed to working on as you progress in your Masters.

Key points you must cover:
• What is your issue/challenge?
• How did it come to your notice?
• Why do you think it’s important that you change or improve your behavior?
• What are you going to do about it?
• Where and when might you be able to experiment in making changes to your usual thinking or behaviour?

While this is the last assignment and it is short, you need to treat it seriously as it is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your increased awareness about your capacity to lead
and how you might be able to improve it.

Criteria for evaluation
• a clear description of the issue/challenge related to your leading that you wish to
change or improve
• a clear rationale for making the change(s)
• an outline of the key actions you intend to take to make the change(s)
• an achievable plan (a timeline with specific action steps) for implementation
• outline of what will tell you that you are succeeding (indicators of success)
• an accurate word count

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