close reading of an historical letter (

close reading of an historical letter (

Objective: Students will do a close reading of an historical letter (artifact) and identify possible ethical dilemmas.

Read Chapter 4 in Richard Johnson-Sheehan’s textbook, Technical Communication Strategies for Today.

Write a rhetorical analysis of the letter by Albert Einstein,

which you will find in Chapter 4. Consider the purpose,

subject, target audience, and context of use. Why is his

letter included in the textbook? What ethical dilemma(s)

did he face? Describe his decision-making process.

Format: typed, double-spaced essay; Times New Roman, 12-point font

Length: 1-2 typewritten pages

the book name: Johnson-Sheehan, Richard. (2015). Technical Communication Strategies for Today (2nd ed). New York: Longman

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