Climate Diagrams

Assignment Summary

Submit a Word document with answers to all the questions below (from Excel – copy and “paste special – picture (enhanced metafile)” your climate diagrams into the Word doc). Also submit an Excel spreadsheet with your raw data and climate diagrams.

1) Describe the specific gradient and why you chose to study it.
(e.g. coast to inland; elevation gradient; latitudinal gradient etc and exact location).

2) Include a map that identifies the three specific locations along the gradient that you studied.

3) Make climate diagrams for 3 locations.
(make sure the scales of the axes are exactly the same so the diagrams can be compared).

4) Determine what biome most likely surrounds each location by using the Whitaker Diagram.. Note that in locations that fall near a Whitaker biome boundary, it is especially important to look at the climate diagram patterns.

5) Compare and contrast the 3 climate diagrams and include the following details:
a. climate (including monthly or seasonal differences and general trends),
b. biome/s, and the typical vegetation at each location.

A key note to remember
if the precipitation exceeds the temperature, then you have wet conditions (lots of rain, moist)
if the temperature exceeds the precipitation, then you have dry conditions (not a whole lot of rain)

Comments from Support Team: Temperate forest biome

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