Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Library Assignment: The library assignment is aimed at encouraging you to learn about the current issues facing civil engineers. In essence, it is a mini research project.
? Find five (5) articles focusing on a current issue in a discipline of civil engineering. Ideally the articles relate to a certain issue (e.g., water reclamation technologies) or a field (e.g., structural
? The articles and/or texts must have been published within the past 5 year. As one (and at most one) of your sources, you may choose an online-only resource, such as a website. The articles cannot all be from the same source; i.e., don’t pick five articles from a single issue of a
? Prepare a bibliography listing title, author and publication information. Use ASCE bibliography journal format.
? Prepare a 3-4 page report on the articles. This report should be more than just a summary of each paper. It should be a synthesis of all of the papers, discussing how each of the papers fits into the narrative you present and how they affect the field of civil engineering.

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