CIS 4655 – Software Engineering

CIS 4655 – Software Engineering
Term Research Paper

Your research paper should address the following requirements:
All concepts must be clearly defined/explained and appropriately cited. Background literature and/or context must be from credible sources (not from blogs, user reviews etc.). Since the topics being explored are current (“hot topics”), your paper should clearly tie in the relevance and importance of the topic to the context of software engineering and examine the consequences of neglecting the issue. Your analysis should be your own, clearly written and demonstrate a well-reasoned analysis of the topic.

Your primary research sources (and citations) must be from peer reviewed journals (at least 10). You are required explore research databases available through the library such as ABI/INFORM or EBSCOhost. The websites of few top organizations (e.g. Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University) are good starting points to explore your topic.

Formatting instructions:

• Typed, using Times New Roman font, 12-point font size.
• One-inch margins on all sides.
• 1.5 line spacing
• Page numbering on bottom right (excluding the cover sheet on final draft)
• Headings as appropriate
• Citations and references should follow the Turabian Reference List style. See the Turabian text for examples.
• Length of content (excluding cover sheet, reference list etc.) is 5 pages.
• Cover sheet should include the paper’s title, course title, date and author’s name with email address.

List of top peer reviewed journals:

You are free to read and cite from any peer reviewed journal. To help you to start, here’s a list of few top journals(in alphabetical order) –it may be a good idea to check for the journal impact factor to assess the journal’s influence in the discipline before making your choice. Once you’ve chosen your journals, check for the number of times the article has been cited by other researchers/authors. Articles with more number of citations reflect importance of topic and quality/value of the research effort.
• Communications of ACM (any journal/conference proceedings)
• Decision Sciences
• European Journal of Information Systems
• Harvard Business Review
• IEEE publications (any journal/conference proceedings)
• INFORM Sciences
• Information and Management
• Information Systems Journal
• Information Systems Research
• Interfaces
• Journal of AIS
• Journal of Information Technology
• Journal of MIS
• Journal of Strategic Information Systems
• Management Science
• MIS Quarterly
• MIT Sloan Management Review
• MIT Media Lab
• Organization Science
Grading Rubric:

Clear explanation of problem/issue 25 points
Fleshing out the importance of the topic in the context of software engineering 20 points
Literature review 20 points
Analysis 25 points
Implications for academia and practice 20 points
Conclusions 20 points
Formatting and clear output 20 points


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