“CIPD: preparing and designing learning and development Activities”

“CIPD: preparing and designing learning and development Activities”

A session plan for a 20 min training showing all of the below: Topic / Cultural awarness.
1- the objectives of the session (using Bloom’s taxonomy)built points
2- An outline of the content planned for the session.
3- delivery methods.
4- an outline of the material nd equipment to be used.
5- the relevnt methods of assessment of learning outcome( formative, sumative, level 2 questionire.

1- the skills and knowledge that need to be aquaired (as indicted in the objectives of A)
2- how the lerning intervention can be designed to accomodate for learning style differences (reflectors,theorists,pragmitist, activist).
3- your choice of learning methods(ex. role play, presentation…) and methods of evaluation (Kirk patrick) showing how these have been influenced by your knowledge of adult learning principles.
4- Any barroers to affective learning which may exist,
5- Any equipment to be used and how and when would you use this,
6 – The relevnt 3 legistlations and how you considered this in the design of your session.

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