chronic health condition (Diabetes


Select a chronic health condition (Diabetes) that interests you. Citing at least 20 primary sources and original papers, and prepare a report containing the following information:
1. Problem definition
Provide appropriate background information of health condition, including discussion of the nature and significance of the disease in the United States.
2. Extent of the health condition
a. Use the available body of literature to describe the health
condition according to measures of morbidity and mortality in the
United States.
b. Compare the morbidity and mortality data of the health
condition in the United States to the international community.
3. Disease description
a. Use the available body of literature to describe the health condition with respect to person, place and time variables.
4. Identify and describe pertinent studies that support current hypotheses regarding disease distribution and determinants of disease.
5. Identify and describe data interpretation issues and pertinent knowledge gaps.
6. Develop an experimental design, including methods of assessing internal and external validity, to address one identified knowledge gap pertaining to the health outcome.
7. Describe the treatment and preventative measures necessary to control the health condition and its spread throughout the community.

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