Christian Faith and Human Development

You must use the Sample Resources listed below, write a paper describing the six stages of Faith Development as posited by James Fowler. From your viewpoint or that of another person show how this theory of the six stages of Faith Development by James Fowler are relevant and applicable today. Give critical critique on the viewpoints of James Fowler and give supporting arguments to justify your opposition. Give suggestions as to how to transition from Stage 3 to Stage 4. Further instructions are listed below:
Outline of the paper is as follows:
A possible outline of the paper which you can feel free to use is as follows:
1. Introduction
a. State purpose of the paper – ie. What does the paper seek to do?
b. Indicate the basis or source of your study – eg. This study is based on a research of relevant literature on the topic.
c. State the format of the paper – eg. This paper consists of five major sections: Section I – Introduction, Section II – The Six Stages of Faith Development, Section III – Discussion on Relevance of Fowler’s Faith Development Stages today, Section IV – Suggestions to transition from Stage 3 to Stage 4, and a Conclusion.
2. Six Stages of Faith Development (simply state and describe each stage)
3. Discussion on the Relevance of Fowler’s Faith Development Stages (give an example to support or refute each stage)
4. Suggestions in transitioning from Stage 3 to Stage 4 (this maybe where as a church we lose most of our young adults(ages 18-40). How does this knowledge of the stages of Faith Development help you to reach out and help this vulnerable group grow in and maintain their Faith)
5. Conclusion (base on your study, make recommendations to Young People in the church and organizations of the Church that deals with young people.

1.Chart showing stages of James Fowler’s Stages of Faith Development

2.An excerpt of James Fowler’s Stage of Faith Development – as found in: Joann Wolski Conn (ed.), Women’s Spirituality: Resources for Christian Development. (Paulist, 1986), pp. 226-232.

3.James Fowler’s Stages of Faith Development explained:

4.James Fowler’s Book where he outlined the Six stages of Faith Development

5. A book review of Fowler’s book on the 6 stages of development by Erik Brennecke

6. Measuring Fowler’s Faith Development stages by STEPHEN PARKER, as found in the Journal of Psychology and Theology 2006, Vol. 34, No. 4, 337-348

7. A critique of Fowler’s Faith Development theory by Revd Dr David Heywood

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