Choice of 10 questions: War (check order description) Essay Dissertation Help

Choice of 10 questions: War (check order description)

Order Description
Choose ONE essay title from the following;
2. Can Cold War international institutions such as NATO still maintain the peace?
3. Is war obsolete, or is it rather that we live in a world permanently at war today?
4. Is inter-state war still the most important form of contemporary violence?
5. To what degree is global security ‘what we make of it’?
6. Has the ‘responsibility to protect’ a future?
7. Is the global economy a cause for peace or for conflict?
8. To what extent has global security been privatised and commercialised?
9. How is the securitization of urban space a consequence of the globalisation of insecurity?
10. Does our security over ‘here’ depend on the insecurity experienced and violence perpetrated in
‘sites of exception’ over ‘there’?

Answer only one of these questions. minimum 1900 words, maximum 2000. Please include a harvard style referencing bibliography at the end. Paper must be handed back at MAXIMUM 10am thursday 13th of April.

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