Chlamydia in Miami-Dade County Essay Dissertation Help

Writing an essay. You can chose to write a paper (3-5 pages, double space, font 12) on a microbiology topic of your choice. It has to cover microbiological aspect as well as an aspect of the global perspective.
Examples of essay titles:
– Tuberculosis – a social aspect of a disease
– Is globalization preventing or contributing to spread of AIDS
– Microbial water contamination in beaches of South Florida
– HIV in Miami-Dade County
– Dengue Fever: how does it affect underdeveloped countries?
The essay should provide basic information on the medical and microbiological aspects of the disease (causative agent, symptoms, treatment, etc.) as well as the social aspect (e.g. socio-economic characteristics of those suffering from this disease, geographic distribution; historic perspective, etc). A paper should present the perspective/position of different nations/countries in regard to measures for preventing disease outbreaks (e.g. type of health care system, vaccination programs etc.) and compare those to WHO standards.

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