Chinese-Thai Restaurant manager

Chinese-Thai Restaurant manager

Report Guidelines
Title and Abstract (10%)
Title should be unique to your research, inform the reader about the study. No more than 15 words length.
Abstract should be a short summary of the report, including your research questions, how you went about your
observations, the results and discussion points. Should be between 100-150 words in length.
Introduction (20%)
Brief history, size and significance of the industry and occupation. Consideration of how typical your subject’s
workplace and activities are of this occupation. Discuss what research has found overall and specifically about
your subject’s occupation in terms of worker burnout, job engagement and psychosocial safety climate.
Observations/Context (20%)
Brief, relevant and de-identified details of the person you observed and their workplace such as duration and
time of day of observation, job title, industry, job requirements, roles, work station, their daily movement etc.
Should go beyond this and look at overall context (hierarchy of workers, size of organisation, methods of
communication between workers etc).
Results (20%)
Present the findings of your observations – What are the knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics
(KSAOs) of the work with consideration of any particular demands such as physical, cognitive, behavioural,
emotional or interpersonal demands/threats? Interpret the data you collected from the psychological scales – did
the worker have high/low levels of engagement/burnout/PSC?
Discussion (20%)
Discuss your findings within the context of the previous research in this area. Did your subject’s results align
with previous research in their field of work? Address any qualifications or reservations that you have about
your results and some areas for future research in this area. The discussion should end with a concise and clear
summary about what you found and what your findings may imply. Relate your findings back to the literature
that you have cited in your introduction.

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