Children vaccination website

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Please follow these instructions:

This Website will provide several advantages and services such as:

1- Gives immunizations recommendations and guidelines to parents from birth through the age of 18.

2- Enables parents to schedule recommended vaccines for their children based on the age or the medical condition.

3- Provides users with contraindications and precautions charts and tables.

4- A forum where parents can chat between them .

5- A diary to keep a daily record or events .

6- A calendar to show the days, weeks, and months of a particular year .

– I need 10 participants which are parents to give me feedback and comments of my idea .

– 7 of them agree with my idea and they should write the importance of children vaccination in their feedbacks .

– 3 of them give more additional services in my idea to add it . Every one give one service should I add it in my project . Also , those who add additional services on my idea , they should write the importance of children vaccination in their feedbacks firstly and then they should write what they think to add another services for children vaccination website .

* Cycle 1 :

Tell me about users – how many ?

why them ? All parents .

Tell me about their first thoughts on my idea = feedback .It should be written like this :

user 1 : ( his or her thought ) .

user 2 : ( his or her thought ) and so on till user 10 .

After that , tell me how you got their feedback ? Email or Phone ? ( this will be my evidence ).

Then reflect :

*REFELECTION : Write here what you have done ( you should write here about building website that have many services )- what went well ( this point for 7 users feedbacks ) , what went wrong( this point for 3 users feedbacks ) -what you will change for cycle 2 ( from the feedback of 3 users who add some additional services )?

* Cycle 2 :

you should write about the additional changes or services from the 3 users feedbacks. Then, ask users for feedback again . analyze the feedback .

REFELECTION : what you have done – what went well .

* Conclusion : write how you solved the problem . Overall view summing up .

Finally , there are three types of evidence in my portfolio :

1- literature : it relates mainly to my problem ( it should be in the introduction as I explained above ).

2- Parents feedbacks : do not mention their name ( just write user 1 , user 2 as so on as I explained above ) .

3- Reflection .

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