child obesity/Synthesis Assignment

child obesity /Synthesis Assignment.

This assignment will focus on how well you are able to synthesize the ideas in three articles. The topic is child obesity.

In class, we will cover the steps to writing an effective synthesis. Please use those notes from our class discussions, in addition to information in the textbook, to guide you in your writing.

The assignment will be marked on your ability to write a clear synthesis as well as the accuracy of your grammar, sentence structure and paragraph construction. I strongly urge all students to take a complete draft to the Writing Centre before the deadline for writing help.

Your synthesis should be 500-600 words long. Please double-space your work and use 12-point font. You should use MLA as your reference style. We will review the basics of citing with MLA in class, but you can use this link for reference:

The three articles that you should review can be found at these links:

“The Nation’s Childhood Obesity Epidemic: Health Disparities in the Making.”CYF News. July 2012. Retrieved from:
“Childhood Obesity Fuelled by Stress Response.”CBC News. 27 May, 2014. Retrieved from:

LaRose, Lauren. “Physical Activity of Canadian Kids Lag Behind Global Pack.”The Canadian Press. Retrieved from:
The synthesis assignment is due at the beginning of class on Thursday, November 5.

child obesity

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