Child Labor in Egypt

Child Labor in Egypt

Write a 4 page paper about child labor in Egypt. relating the paper to these topics:
– The Work-Leisure Decision: Basic Model
– Male and female Participation Rates
-. Human Capital Model
-Human Capital Investment and the Distribution of Earnings
-Theory of a Perfectly Competitive Labor Market
-Wage and Employment Determination: Monopoly in the Product Market
– Unions and Wage Determination
– Demand for labor
– A Firm’s Short-Run Production Function
– Short-Run Demand for Labor: The Perfectly Competitive Seller
-Short-Run Demand for Labor: The Imperfectly Competitive Seller
– Long-Run Demand for Labor
-Market Demand for Labor
-Elasticity of Labor Demand
-Determinants of Demand for Labor

Use of graphs is essential.
You might try to answer some of these questions if applicable in the paper:

Do people work more or less when their wages go up? Does education affect your income? Are women discriminated against? Do people who work in dangerous jobs make more money (we’ll talk about this in a later chapter)? Does who you know affect where you work (wasta)? Does the presence of non-labor income encourage people not to work? Do employers not train women, because their earnings stream will be interrupted?

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