Child Abuse Campaign

The Paper assignment is the written aspect of the campaign plan. The plan should expand on the content from the topic selection with a refined plan that includes the following components.

Campaign purpose and objectives
Information about the stakeholders and audience
Information about the proposed campaign, including possible messages and media outlets
Engagement strategies
Process for developing messages specific to target audience and medium
Methods for measuring success

Structural components

Just as in business, there is no required page length so we’ll do the same here. It should be long enough to cover the interesting parts, short enough to keep my attention. If you really insist on a page target, shoot for 10-15 pages.
15 to 20 references (includes materials used even if not directly quoted)
Well written and logical
Free of grammar, spelling and punctuation errors

-Your position is clear and well stated. You refer to the research and opinions’ of several scholars (or experts) who have written on similar topics.
– Sufficient background information and a clear explanation of the problem and why it is important to crisis communication is evident. It is clear, early on, of the author’s purpose in writing the paper.
– Exceptional integration and synthesis of the material.

Very effectively identifies and discusses the strengths and weaknesses of the material
– Effectively applies findings to current practice effectiveness. Well-informed and practical information that will enhance even expert practitioners.
– Four or more authoritative sources are used.

If not a traditionally academic source, be certain the source is a recognized expert.

All non-original work properly cited.
– Proper formatting and no grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors.

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