1- True or False: Toxic materials are abundant in commerce?
2- How might toxic liquids best be dispersed by a terrorist?
3- What chemical is produced when you mix Potassium and Cyanide with an acid?
4- Which toxic industrial gas was used extensively on battlefields in World War 1 AS CHOKING agent?
5- What is the UEL of Ammonia?
6- True or False: Military MOPP Gear protects against all TICs?
List at least four possible outward warning signs or detection clues for the presence of Nerve Agents?
8- True or False: Individuals exposed to Blister Agents have a high likelihood of death?
9- What category of chemical warfare agents includes Tranquilizers and Psychological agents?
10- Is Hydrogen Cyanide (AC) MORE OR LESS toxic the Chlorine (CL)?


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