characteristics of Chinese calligraphy


1) Please tell the story of “Xiling Seal Art Academy” (西泠印社) from the beginning until recent time. Who are the 8 seal artist leaders (西泠八家) and what is Zhejiang School (浙派)?

2) Please list out the major characteristics of Chinese calligraphy and argue whether machine (computers or robots) can replace human being in the future. (Humanity VS artificial intelligence)
3) A role model study: please research the life of Yan Zhenqing (颜真卿, 708~784CE) in Tang Dynasty and explain why his calligraphy works wereso important and became an everlasting role model after so many generations until now. Conclude with the inter-relations between calligraphy & personality of the calligrapher.

i. Please provide a few illustrations (including art works of the artists mentioned in your essay) to support your research.
ii. Each illustration must be attached with brief captions and attach a list of resources at the end of the essay.
iii. Chinese names should be followed by Chinese characters and years from birth to death, e g: Yan Zhenqing (颜真卿, 708~784 CE)
iv. Submission deadline: Week 11, Friday, October 23, 4:30 pm
v. Please submit via turn it in and hard copy.


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