Character analyze – Willy Loman

Character analyze – Willy Loman

Paper details:

The essay is a character analysis, so you should be focusing on a lone character’s actions (what he does and how his actions affect the other characters–directly or indirectly), words (what he says to other characters or in monologues and what they in turn say to him), and lastly, the motivation that he character exposes to us, the audeince, as to why he does and says certain things and how thoes things eventually lead to his downfall. In addition, remember to use the terms, concepts, and ideas associated with literary, and particularly, dramatic interpretation. So, terms like “harmartia” — translated as “fatal flaw” and “catharisis” are of particular importance to dramatic heroes, especially tragic heroes.

ESSAY SPECIFICATONS: (10 Requirements)

1. Word Length: 600-750 words—not including the information on the Works Cited page

2. Text: Your essay must be double-spaced—including quoted material and the Works Cited page.

3. Font: Arial or Times Roman t font—no “specialty” (artsy) fonts.

4. Font size: 12 point – no bigger and nor smaller, please!

5. Title: Your title should reflect the argument or perspective of your interpretation of the theme

6. Format: Use a standard essay format–top left-hand side of the paper and the title centered

7. Margins: 1 inch margins on the top, bottom, and sides of the paper.

8. Pagination: Number each page with the “page number” option in MS Word (incl. Works Cited)

9. Sources: Minimum = 2 outside sources of critical evaluations of the stories and/or characters. I recommend that you use the CCBC Library databases.

10. Citations: There should be “many” from the story itself since that is what you are analyzing, but you should also have at least a few from reputable critics and literary scholars who are commenting on the short story or on some related aspect to the story

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