Chapter 4 Discussion 2

Week 4 Discussion 2 COLLAPSE What are some of the problems encountered in trying to test a nervous-system-based theory of temperament?

Biological Aspects of Personality Purpose Chapter 5 is unique in providing a comprehensive overview of biological influences on

personality, but it is written in a way that is tied to other approaches and is easily understandable by students. For example, this

chapter does not get into esoteric disputes from biology and genetics, but rather keeps the focus on personality. It can easily be

integrated into courses that have not previously included a chapter on this topic. With the ‘unravelling’ of the human genome in the year

2000, and the development of the field of behavioral genomics, it is increasingly important for students to understand biological aspects

of personality. Evolutionary effects and genetic abnormalities are of course important, but many biological influences are not genetic!

For example, environmental toxins, physical disease, and biologically-based creations of environments and expectations are important

biological influences on personality. This is too often ignored. This chapter challenges students to think for themselves about the role

of biology, and re-evaluate common stereotypes. Importantly this chapter concludes with warnings about the political dangers of a simple-

minded approach to biology and personality. Copyright © 2003 Pearson Education, Inc. Objectives After reading this chapter, you should be

able to: – Discuss the role of temperament in personality and Eysenck’s theory of a biologically-based personality. – Integrate a

biologically-based approach into an understanding of personality – Describe how environmental influences (e.g., toxins) can alter biology

and influence personality. Copyright © 1995-2002 by Allyn & Bacon A Pearson Company

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