Challenges facing the management of Transport for London (TfL)

Challenges facing the management of Transport for London (TfL)

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1. Exam questions / guidiance note
2. Article
3. Useful material – case study

Module: Workers and Employee Relations
Examination Guidance: Current Industrial Relations at Transport for London
1. It is recommended that you read the attached article from the Economist 1 August 2015 and other relevant material on the topic.

ANSWER ALL FOUR QUESTIONS. (1500 – 2000 words)
These questions relate to the current management challenges faced by the Transport for London (TfL). “Reference should be made to the background materials – and others researched by yourselves throughout your response to the examination questions”

1. Analyse the current challenges facing the Management of theTransport for London (TfL)with the growing population of UK.

2. Evaluate the role of the Trades Unions in the current Transport for London (TfL) organisation
3. Taking into account the current management challenges, legislation, and the trade union influence evaluate how the Management of the Transport for London (TfL) should proceed to achieve a viable continuance of the Transport for London (TfL) business

4. Using your evaluation of the current management challenges make a series of recommendation to the Transport for London (TfL) Board and the Government as to how the Transport for London (TfL) business can be secured for the next five years

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