Challenges and Opportunities of Cloud Computing in Healthcare Industry

Task 1

1- I need 7 pages about opportunities and 7 pages about Challenges
2- please only write about opportunities and Challenges of cloud computing
3- please only write about that in healthcare .

Task 2: Write a short report on your literature search (3 marks)

It is important that researchers document the steps they went through in carrying
out a literature so other researchers can replicate the same process. Write one
paragraph in which you report the databases you searched and the search terms
you used. Provide a summary of which searches (i.e. combination of database
and search terms) yielded the articles that you chose to include in your
bibliography. Also explain which searches did NOT prove fruitful.
Task 3: Write an annotated bibliography with a complete reference list (12
For the articles that you choose, write an annotated bibliography. An annotated
bibliography gives the full citation for the article and then provides a brief
summary of key points of the article. For each article, in your own words: (i)
summarize its main argument, question, or hypothesis (ii) describe the basic
research design including variables, (iii) summarize the methods of data
acquisition, (iv) summarize key findings, and (v) explain what you learnt from this
study that is relevant to your own study. On this last point, be specific! Don’t just
say “It helped me understand what factors influence the use of CPOE.” Tell me
which factors you learned about!
Task 4: Provide a synthesis of the literature (10 marks)
In addition to the above annotated bibliography, attach a 1-2 page synthesis of
the body of literature you have reviewed and specifically as to how it pertains
to your original observation and question. You should strive to answer the
question of what is known about your question in a synthetic and meaningful
way. This section (as opposed to the annotations) should contain critical analysis
of the literature and studies reviewed. However, be sure that your analysis is
focused very directly on the connection between the literature and the question.
For example, it would not be appropriate to include criticism of small sample
sizes in some studies unless you bring out how this study design limitation
restricts your ability to extrapolate from those results to your question.
In your synthesis you must cite your sources in the same formal way in which
they are cited in scientific papers. To see how sources are cited look at the APA
paper that was used for class discussion of scientific writing and reading. We
will discuss how citation in the text is done in class as well. The research papers
that you are using for this assignment should provide further examples.
Task 4: Refine research questions/hypotheses (4 marks)
In addition to the literature review, I’d like you to take another look at your
research questions/hypotheses. After doing your research and thinking about the
comments on your first assignment by peers and myself, do the following:
1. Revise your research question or hypothesis
2. Indicate independent and dependent variables including their operation
definitions. Indicate possible extraneous variables.Cloud Computing in Healthcare IndustryCloud Computing in Healthcare IndustryCloud Computing in Healthcare Industry


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