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After reading the case you are required to answer some questions related to the case study. Your case report needs to be turned in a written format, single spaced, using 12-point Times New Roman
font and 1” margins.

You are encouraged to cite sources other than the text in your case report.

Questions for your response:
1. What was Jan Walstrom’s initial “assignment,” and how did she come to understand the problem/assignment 18 months later?
2. What did the data begin to reveal about the perceptions of CH2M Hill’s employees and the potential reasons for high turnover? How did generational preferences play a role?
3. How did CH2M Hill’s culture of high performance, independent problem solvers exacerbate the problem of not fully preparing their own people for advancement opportunities?
4. What factor(s) did growth play as the company evolved from a family-like, employee centered culture to a global operation?
5. What steps did Walstrom take to address the retention issues and the lack of employees prepared for advancement into leadership roles?
6. How did the Employee Development Model and the identified Leadership Competencies make the employee development process more transparent for CH2M Hill’s employees?

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