Central strategies used when writing and when arguing in writing.

Part One:

Respond to each of the following with 1-2 paragraphs of reflective writing:

1. Can you describe the central strategies you use when writing and when arguing in writing? How did you learn them? How have they changed over time? How have your experiences in your writing classes at UCI influenced your personal history as a writer in academic contexts? Please explain and use examples.

2. Have you already applied what you learned in the WR 39 series to writing assignments in other classes? Explain using specific examples, if possible.

3. Are you using a variety of strategies to approach your writing assignments in all of your classes? If so, please explain them. Has the WR39 series of courses influenced your ability to make effective choices about how to approach other writing assignments such as lab reports, memos, blue book exams, short response papers, and any other examples of writing you have been assigned in here at UCI? Has the WR39 series of courses influenced the ways in which you communicate when you write or communicate outside of school, perhaps in your communities or in your extra-curricular activities? Are you using the same strategies in different contexts as you consider the demands of different situations, both in school and out? If so, please explain why, and give examples.

Part Two:

Find 1-2 artifacts from a previous writing class or situation and use them as evidence to explain who you are as a writer in a 250-500 word reflection. You are welcome to use this prompt as an opportunity to expand your discussion of an artifact mentioned in Part One.

Questions to consider:

What is the artifact? When did you produce it? Why?
How do you feel about it now? How did you feel about it then?
What does the artifact show about you as a writer? (The artifact might show something about your writing process, your experiences, your interests, or even a success or failure.)
What are your strengths and weaknesses as a writer?
What do you hope to get out of this class? What are your goals this quarter?
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