cause ad effect (Western media against arabs)

cause ad effect (Western media against arabs)
Cause and Effect Essay Grading Rubric
# Item Score Points
1. The essay follows APA guidelines in terms of font, spacing, margins, and cover page 5
2. The introduction follow the funnel method 5
3. The thesis statement is connected to the introduction 5
4. The thesis statement offers the essay’s plan of development 10
5. The topic is specific and narrow 5
6. Each paragraph has a topic sentence that is connected to the thesis statement 5
7. Each paragraph has a topic sentence that sums-up the main idea of the paragraph 10
8. Each paragraph is supported using variety of arguments from the student’s research 10
9. The support of each paragraph is not obvious or repetitive 5
10. There is a clear link between the causes and effects 5
11. Transition is used to connect sentences together effectively and without repetition 5
12. Transitional devices are connecting paragraphs together in a variety of ways 5
13. There are logical bridges connecting the supporting arguments together 5
14. The conclusion does not only summarize the essay 5
15. All citations are written following APA guidelines 5
16. The reference page follows APA guidelines 5
17. There are no comma errors 5
I’ll add what I wrote please fix it and add to it.
For ages, Arabs were viewed as terrorists, thieves and murderers. So producers enhanced the awful image by stereotyping them in their movies. Films are the biggest influence on how the western world view the arab culture. For example, the author Jack G Shaheen stated: “they are influenced by a continuous flow of popular cultural images which suggest that if you have seen one, you have seen them all”. As a result, people began stereotyping arabs based on a single production they have watched. An example are the three movie productions from the Israeli filmmakers under the company Canon. Hell Squad, Killing Streets, and Air Marshal “show vicious Arab terrorists”. The author states that these are responsible for many other anti-arab scenes.

The second cause would be “the lack of presence of any muslim american or arab american lobbyist in hollywood”. This results in the distorted portrayals of Arabs with no one available in the film industry or hollywood in general to correct these misconceptions. Even those who try are a very small number of people who have very vague and unorganized protests that they are not recognized or heard.
This leads to another cause which is the lack of information. Because there is no credible information or valid sources, stereotypes are still very much used “to make everyone’s job easier.” The author claims that people actually prefer stereotypes because it reduces the effort to look any further and simplify ideas and images in people’s minds.
All these factors lead to a distorted image of Arabs, their society, beliefs, and culture. As a result, many stereotypes are created and a negative image is portrayed to the West by their own media efforts.

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